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Market data does not only consist of prices of financial instruments but reflects the essential information input that allows any financial market to work properly.The usability of market data not only depends on their bare accessibility, but also on the systems to handle and save the large volumes of market data. The systems have to be designed depending on the usage of market data. Whereas the front-office has a strong focus on latency and on the accessibility of large volumes of tick-data, the back-office primarily focuses on consolidated long-term time-series.

Benoist & Company has a rich experience in this field. We have been working in projects ranging from the evaluation of different data streams to the integration of different data sources, implying a consistent picture of the market's developments. We are collaborating with different market data providers to deliver a solution which is best suited for your company's needs. We can provide support in all parts of the market data management process, ranging from an evaluation of different data sources to the support of the final implementation process.