Benoist & Company is a business consultancy focused on conceptual and modeling work for the financial industry.

Benoist & Company has Tier 1 clients in Europe and North America in all sectors of the financial industry, including investment and commercial banks, insurance and reinsurance companies, hedge funds, asset managers and energy companies. Our approach is to base consultancy on the understanding of the ultimate business goal and on optimizing the whole value chain accordingly. Thus, we do not only develop models and concepts, but also calibrate and embed them in the existing business, data and system environment of our clients.

Benoist & Company believes in hiring only the best, believes in continuous education in banking know-how and the latest models of financial mathematics. Benoist & Company strives to provide not just manpower but the very expertise our clients need.


- Risk Controlling

- Pricing/Trading

- Asset Liability Management

- Market Data

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