It is not only high motivation that makes the success of our work, but also the broad and deep knowledge of our consultants. We are committed to constantly foster and maintain the high level of expertise of all B&C consultants. We regularly hold the B&C Academy, an advanced seminar on financial modelling, at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. In sessions of four hours, we expand and deepen our knowledge in mathematical finance, multivariate statistics, financial modelling and scientific computing under the tuition of a professor of financial mathematics.

Thematic complexes that extend over various sessions alternate with special sessions where exemplary questions of current business projects are analysed in-depth. We thoroughly analyse a subject from its fundamental mathematics and transfer it - step by step - to its implementation in practice.

This approach allows us to cover the whole range of knowledge relevant for our business, from the forefront of scientific research down to highly sophisticated realization - from abstract theory to concrete implementation in the field.



- Risk Controlling

- Pricing/Trading

- Asset Liability Management

- Market Data

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