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Benoist & Company was founded in 2004 and has since grown to a consultancy appreciated by leading financial institutions for its methodological strength and industry-wide best-practice experience.

The success of Benoist & Company is a result of our focus on providing projects that are at the same time cutting-edge and well integrated in existing business processes. We achieve this by hiring only outstanding personnel and providing continuous education in the latest models of financial mathematics and banking know-how. This allows us to match the high demands of our clients and to provide support adjusted to the needs of your company.

We are an independent consultancy, give fair-minded advice and try to suggest a solution that is not only optimal from the viewpoint of financial mathematics but also from a practical perspective. We adjust models to meet specific wishes and design tailor made solutions, wherever needed.

Benoist & Company is in a position to deliver all project stages from formulating the goals and designing the architecture over mathematical modeling and calibration down to building a prototype and assisting the implementation in the existing system environment with your own IT department or with the support of one of our IT implementation partners.